The Research and Training Institute of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) is a non-profit institute and the largest training organization in the press, publication, radio, film and TV industry of China.

    We carry out media training programs sponsored by our Institute, SAPPRFT, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Department of CPC etc. as well as international organizations for domestic and overseas media practitioners, technicians and senior managers.

    In recent years, with guidance and support from SAPPRFT, we have focused on our major tasks and on serving the overall interest of SAPPRFT, endeavored to cultivate virtues through research and study, and have made active attempts and exploration in the areas of training, consultation, seminars and workshops. Currently, a large scale, multilevel, wide-ranging training mechanism is taking shape at the Institute with integrated training for party schools, professionals and international media, in which training of domestic and international students go hand in hand.

    Have a generous heart so friendship can last. Do professional work professionally. That’s what we have always been striving for.

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